For independent advisors, Aqumulate offers two solutions - ViewNow and XportNow.

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Designed for firms:

  • Interested in gaining a holistic view of their clients’ entire financial profile. 
  • Looking to deliver a simple, clean end-client user experience branded with their firm logo.
  • That do not require an export of data into 3rd party software. 

ViewNow provides independent firms and wealth managers with a dynamic account aggregation technology designed to give you a comprehensive view of your client’s total portfolio including assets that are held-away.

ViewNow uses both client and advisor portals to aggregate data from over 11,000 financial website URLs, including investment, retirement, banking, mortgage, loans, credit card and bill information, as well as hard-to-access assets, such as life insurance, 401ks, annuities and REITs.

ViewNow data is comprehensive, and includes summary balances, positions, and detailed transaction information. With this data at your fingertips, you will be able to offer better wealth management services by having on-demand access to your client’s total portfolio.

Your clients trust you to help them with some of the most important decisions they will make in their lives. You owe it to them to make sure that you give them the best advice possible. The only way you can do this is to provide them with a financial course that takes into consideration their entire financial picture – including assets that are held elsewhere and other financial obligations your client may have.

With ViewNow you will have insight into:

  • Which clients have “excess” cash in low yielding bank accounts
  • When a cash payment or dispersal hits a client bank account
  • Your clients true asset allocation by incorporating accounts you don’t manage
  • How your clients self-managed accounts are performing, relative to those you manage
  • Which clients are suitable for new products and services

Your firm can also see an immediate benefit when you consider the value a holistic view of client accounts will give you.

  • Increase assets by converting aggregated accounts to managed accounts
  • Increase revenue by charging an “advisory” fee on non-managed aggregated accounts
  • Increase referrals because of better planning and service based on a client’s complete financial picture
  •  Increase client retention by mitigating the risk of losing clients to a competitor offering a similar service



Includes everything in ViewNow.

Designed for firms:

  • That want to eliminate manual entry of account information into 3rd party systems such as CRM, financial planning, portfolio management software.

Capturing clients’ data automatically through aggregation is a critical first step accomplished with Aqumulate's ViewNow service, but many advisors subsequently use the data in both internal and external (i.e. 3rd party) software systems. In the past, that often meant entering the data manually. As you may know from your own painful experience, manual data entry is a time-consuming, error-prone process to be avoided whenever possible.

Manual entry of account information is eliminated with XportNow, a solution that enhances and exports aggregated data into a variety of third-party applications such as CRM, portfolio management software, financial planning software, spreadsheets, custom in-house solutions.

An easy to use interface permits you to select clients and accounts you want included in our nightly or on-demand exports. You set the export parameters once, and XportNow does the rest. With this infrastructure in place you will have more time to spend working directly with clients.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Seamless integration into widely used technology applications
  • Transaction Mapping and custom data translation
  • Security Master (portfolio management software exports only)
  • Fully automated integration or on demand exports of a common set of data files
  • Select  clients and/or institutions to be included in exports
  • Retrieve historical data files on demand

Key Benefits:

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating much of the manual data collection you and your staff currently spend time doing.
  • Include held-away assets in allocation reports
  • Have more time to deal directly with clients
  • Allows you to maintain technology independence so you can pick and choose the systems that work best for you

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We base our pricing on total # of households added to Aqumulate and whether you require the push of data into other systems you use to run your business. Please include that detail when you submit the form.