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A client portal for firms and their clients that want to view accounts online and do not require an export of data into third party software. 

Aggregate data from over 11,000 financial website URLs, including investment, retirement, banking, mortgage, loans, credit card and bill information, as well as hard-to-access assets, such as life insurance, 401ks, annuities and REITs.

ViewNow data is comprehensive, and includes balances, positions, and detailed transaction information. With this data at your fingertips, you will be able to offer better wealth management services by having on-demand access to your client’s total portfolio.



Do you and  your staff spend countless hours each month gathering paper statements or logging into financial websites to collect detailed account information on non-managed accounts? Are you looking for a solution to automate the collection and entry of this account information into CRM, Financial Planning, Risk Alignment, Excel, and other systems that do not require transaction-level detail? 

Manual entry of account information is eliminated with XportNow. An easy to use interface permits you to select clients and accounts you want included in our nightly or on-demand exports. You set the export parameters once, and XportNow does the rest to integrate aggregated data with the other systems you use to run your business.

Includes everything in ViewNow


ReconcileNow has enhanced traditional data harvesting, making day-to-day account reconciliation in portfolio accounting software less cumbersome.  Why wait to capture values on a as-needed basis; let us show you how to scale your asset management capabilities, maintain a higher level of data integrity, increase office productivity, and gain better visibility into a clients' total financial picture.


Transaction Mapping

  • Intelligent rules based monitoring of transactions
  • Links transactions w/o symbols to positions
  • Auto-create transactions when not available at the financial institution (e.g. changes in market value due to interest)

Security Management

  • Security database housing all securities and prices
  • Monitor price history and maintain up-to-date pricing across all securities
  • Link like securities from different custodians


Includes everything in XportNow


Custom Translation

  • Customize transaction codes
  • Suppress transactions by transaction or security type
  • Suppress positions by name or symbol



Exports and Data Files

  • Automated or on-demand export of data
  • 3 months of export files available online (Missed a few days or a week, no problem. Files available to download with the click of your mouse)
  • Portfolio File - All accounts as of file date
  • Position File - All positions as of file date 
  • Security - All security types as of file date
  • Transaction File - All transactions as of file date
  • Price File - All closing prices for positions as of file date