Aqumulate: Enhancing Data Management

Aqumulate's service operates as the client's agent, connecting to financial institutions each night and updating account information. Completely automating the data collection process, Aqumulate enables financial advisors, wealth managers, and their clients to simplify their lives by taking all accounts and consolidating them into a single feed so everything can be viewed as one.

  • Efficiently monitor and advise on held away accounts – both discretionary and non-discretionary.
  • Eliminate manual data collection of outside, held-away accounts.
  • Captures balance, position and transaction level detail from more than10,000 financial websites.

Managing Data more efficiently

Manual data collection is full of potential problems, is not scalable, and is very labor intensive. Aqumulate automatically harvests and updates data nightly from thousands of financial institutions where your clients accounts are held.

  • Web-based dashboard for you and your client’s to view aggregated data online with the click of a mouse.
  • Seamless integrations with some of the most widely used 3rd party technology platforms such as Schwab Portfolio Center, Redtail CRM, Junxure, Redtail, MoneyGuidePro, and more.
  • Effective data management translates into improved operational efficiency and increased productivity at your firm
“The Aqumulate service has given us the opportunity to seamlessly manage assets that are not held at our custodian. Our clients appreciate that these assets can be directly managed in accordance with their investment plan, that they don’t have to worry about making changes in their investments and that their held away assets are included in our quarterly performance reports. In less than a year, our firm has added $5 million in assets under management through Aqumulate.”
— Jay Levin, Investment Planning Associated

Data Management

  • Balance, Position and Transaction detail
  • Multiple export file formats
  • Automated nightly updates
  • Normalized to common format

Advisor Experience

  • Gain a complete picture of your client's assets with up-to-date, reliable data
  • Increased visibility into their entire portfolio, including held-away
  • Builds trust and adds transparency
  • Understand your client's true allocation
  • Helps comply with Rule 206(4) - 2

Well Integrated

  • More than two dozen integrations
  • CRM, Financial Planning, Portals, and Reporting software
  • On demand or automated exports
  • Ability to select all or partial data sets


Types of Accounts Aggregated

  • Brokerage, IRA, 529, Insurance, Annuity, 401(k) and other qualified plans
  • Bank checking and savings accounts
  • Liabilities and bills

Client Experience

  • Single login to view all their accounts, updated nightly
  • Easy, simple setup
  • Track net worth over time
  • Branded with your firm's logo and accessible via your firm website
  • Available on any device

Security and Reliability

  • Private and secure portal
  • Intrusion Detection and DDoS monitoring
  • Endpoints secured via HTTPS
  • Nightly backups