Aqumulate simplifies the data gathering process for you and your staff while offering your clients digital tools to monitor and track all their accounts. 

The Aqumulate™ service, released in 2006, is an account aggregation platform that provides wealth management firms, brokerages, and software providers with solutions to maximize profitability and more efficiently serve clients.  

Our SaaS software aggregates account information from virtually any online financial portal where a client account is held and delivers this data into third party accounting and portfolio management systems, as well as CRM and financial planning tools. 

With Aqumulate, you have one feed to capture and view all your clients accounts including investment, retirement, banking, insurance, 529’s, annuities, REITs and other hard to reach assets, as well as liabilities.

Aqumulate is 100% focused on delivering a reliable data aggregation system. We do not mine your client's data and we have never, nor will we ever, monitize your client's data. In simple terms, we do not sell your client's data to anyone.

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integrated and efficient

Aqumulate will help you and your staff improve operational efficiency by greatly eliminating the time spent manually collecting and entering data on outside accounts.

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mobile ready

Aqumulate is available on all devices, regardless of screen size, giving you, your staff and your clients 24/7 access to a 360-degree view of accounts