The Aqumulate™ service, released in 2006, is a single source for all your client accounts presented online and delivered into the software systems you use to run your business. This open approach to data and integration allows you to pick best-of-breed solutions that work best for your practice and eliminates the issues that arise when your account aggregation provider delivers features that overlap and bump into your other software.  

With Aqumulate, you have one feed that collects balance, position and transaction level detail on investment accounts, retirement, 529’s, fixed/variable annuities, REITs and other hard to reach assets, as well as liabilities including mortgage, line of credit, credit cards, and more. 

Connecting to more than 11,000 financial sources, Aqumulate is laser-focused on delivering reliable data aggregation 

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integrated and efficient

Aqumulate will help you and your staff improve operational efficiency by greatly eliminating the time spent manually collecting and entering data on outside accounts.

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mobile ready

Aqumulate is available on all devices, regardless of screen size, giving you, your staff and your clients 24/7 access to a 360-degree view of accounts